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The digsig is a digital signature secured in a QR code that is embossed onto a document or encrypted onto a digital platform.

The digisig secures the authenticity of the information by securing the information digitally, thereby protecting the original data and rendering it immune from alteration or forgery.

The authenticity of the information can be checked using the iPLATE app that is easy downloaded from both Apple and Android app stores.

It is a revolution in the fight against counterfeit document like pay slips, proof of payment, proof of accounts, title deeds and academic qualifications.


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iPLATE is a professional service provider of revolutionary anti-fraud technology that protects high-value documents and information— ensuring criminals are unable to alter or forge any information for criminal gain. Founded in 2016, in partnership with global giant Toennjes International Group AG (TI), our aim is to provide world-class technology solutions in the fight against economic fraud.

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