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fraud committed by consumers

An overview of frauds traditionally committed by the end user, including mortgage fraud, credit card

fraud, claims fraud, cheque fraud, synthetic ID fraud and the like.

Fraud committed by

consumers is ranked second place in the South African economic crime ranking (with 42% of respondents having experienced this crime in South Africa).

20% of respondents indicated that ‘fraud committed by consumers’ was the most disruptive type of economic crime experienced, followed

closely by procurement fraud.

‘Fraud committed by consumers’ highlights the propensity of the ‘man in the street’ to be a perpetrator of economic crime and makes one look with new eyes at who the victims of economic crime really are.

Fraud committed by the con-sumer shows that the entire supply chain in South Africa is fraught with criminality.

When combined with the high instances of bribery and corruption reported (affecting more than a third of organisations at 34%), the resultant erosion in value from our country’s GDP is alarming.

iPLATE’S REVOLUTIONARY INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY offers a proactive and cost-effective solution to the risk of fraud. Contact us today to find out how your business can proactively adopt this fit-for-purpose anti-fraud fighter.


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iPLATE is a professional service provider of revolutionary anti-fraud technology that protects high-value documents and information— ensuring criminals are unable to alter or forge any information for criminal gain. Founded in 2016, in partnership with global giant Toennjes International Group AG (TI), our aim is to provide world-class technology solutions in the fight against economic fraud.

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